Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hanging sandblasting machines are composed of main body, turbines, elevator, suspension system, separator and filter. The top-mounted rack-mounted sandblasting machines are recommended for parts that cannot be produced in bulk, and especially for complex, heavy or large volumes.

Abana Machine offers 2 types of options for hanging type sandblasting machines;

• Linear Single Rail, Single Suspension System

• Y Rail, Double Hanging Systems

Usage areas

Surface cleaning of welded, forged and especially geometrically challenging parts, removal of rust and paint and roughening of the surface for paint

Iron, steel, aluminum and brass casting parts for the removal of the casting sand and cleaning the surface after the casting,

In the production of agricultural machinery,

Pressure vessels in the industry (LPG, fire tube, etc.)

Spring production

Steel forging and hand tools manufacturing

Used in automotive sub-industry.

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